2019-2021 agenda

Management agenda 2019-2021 Pillar I:
Optimum infrastructure
Pillar II: Connecting Europe Pillar III: Energy in transition
Optimising risk-based asset management with the aim of realising cost reductions within the bounds of the ‘licence to operate’. x    
Optimising the position of gas and Gasunie and maintaining the value of the company by means of an optimum regulatory framework and rate structure. x    
Participating in the phase-out of production from the Groningen gas field. x    
Enabling the feed-in of green gas into the Dutch transport system faster and at a lower cost. x    
Realising our safety objectives. x x x
Investigating the possibilities of integrating the Dutch and German gas markets.   x  
Strengthening our international position in north-western Europe, particularly in Germany. We do this through partnerships and greenfield projects.   x  
Securing a leading position in the energy market for renewable gases and hydrogen.     x
Taking an active role in the development of CO2 storage and transport.     x
Maximum facilitation of the reuse of existing infrastructure for the transport of renewable gas.     x
Creating a future-proof organisation by improving our flexibility and agility. x x x
Realising our CSR objectives. Part of this is the targets for carbon footprint reduction. x x x