Value creation model

For each of the six forms of capital (financial, produced, intellectual, human, social & relational and natural), our value creation model shows how we use them to achieve our strategic objectives. It also visualises the values we create through our core activities and what impact these have.

We are conscious of the fact that we also have activities that can cause a negative impact. Below are several examples of activities that have a negative impact on our different forms of capital and how we constantly improve in these contexts.

Social capital

New projects need to be integrated into the social living environment. We inform local residents in transparent information about spatial integration, for instance, and in newsletters.

Natural capital

We cause greenhouse gas emissions as a result of our core activities (network management). We therefore devote a great deal of attention to reducing network losses and our own gas consumption. Our environmental objectives are aimed at showing a decline every year.
We also devote much attention to our waste flows, since waste is usually not useless residue that is incinerated or landfilled. Where possible, useful applications are sought (recycling, for instance).
Damage to local flora and fauna and changes to land use as the result of expansion and new construction all call for active environs management.