The gas chain

As a gas infrastructure company, we play an important role in the gas value chain, which stretches from gas extraction to its user applications. This chain is formed by gas producers, suppliers, shippers (i.e. parties with a transport contract for gas transport), national and international network operators, gas transport companies (mainly regional), direct customers (i.e. industries and power stations directly connected to the national grid) and domestic households. Besides the Netherlands and Germany, we focus on the European market in a wider sense.

Within our chain we see growing demand for sustainable energy and, connected with this, a decrease in the demand for natural gas in the Netherlands. At the same time, the use of natural gas in energy generation is growing internationally in efforts to prevent the CO2 emissions caused by coal-fired power stations. We also expect growing gas imports from various countries as a result of declining local production. We explain these developments in Trends & developments, Our strategy and Our risk profile. In order to find solutions to today’s energy issues, we collaborate with partners both within and outside the gas sector, such as knowledge institutes, infrastructure companies, government authorities and environmental organisations.